St Fagans Dark Castle Tour


**We never sell through third parties. Tickets only valid if purchased directly from our website with a unique order number and date/time stamp allocated by us**

An evening ghost tour through haunted grounds and into a haunted Elizabethan Mansion!

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DARK TOURS: shorter than our "Premium" ghost walks, but exactly the same style and approach as our regular ghost tours, with all their eerie atmosphere, history, legends and true ghost stories and, as they are shorter, suitable for a slightly lower minimum age.

St Fagans Castle is steeped in history and sits on land shrouded in mystery and legend.

The building has survived a centuries long cycle of good fortune followed by misfortune. Its occupants have experienced both triumph and tragedy. The building has seen periods of intense ambitious development, only to be abruptly abandoned, sometimes for generations. 

Whatever the reasons for this turbulent history, it seems that it has left a legacy of ghostly echoes within its rooms and corridors: figures seen, voices heard, bells which ring without reason, and footsteps coming ever nearer.

This tour begins as we walk to the castle, along the wooded lane and past the ponds, site of the original St Fagans Village settlement. There we stop briefly for tales of ghostly sightings and legends in the grounds, before we reach the castle itself and enter. The "Castle" itself is a Grade 1 listed Elizabethan Mansion. Once inside, we gather in its darkened rooms and passageways to explore its ghostly history. The tour includes special access for Dark Castle groups upstairs, which are currently closed to the public due to reburbishment. However, the upstairs will be void of furniture.


It is a tour with true stories of ghostly phenomena told on the route to the castle and in the dark atmosphere of the Elizabethan building. No one "jumps out", and it is not a "ghost hunt". We have on occasion experienced "the unexplained" and we share our stories of these with you on the tour, but we cannot guarantee any paranormal phenomena.



Standard (Adult) £13.50*

Junior (aged 10-13) £10*

*Prices may vary for certain tours (eg at Halloween or special midnight tours) but where this is the case this will be set out before you book.

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Terms and conditions: Please read the terms and conditions/house rules by clicking here

Duration:  105 minutes

Location and check-in point:  Main Car Park entrance, St Fagans National Museum of History, Cardiff, CF5 6XB. This is 4 miles west of Cardiff City Centre. Check in is at the entrance to the museum car park. Click HERE for a map (also, see "Getting there" below). ONce you check in you will be guided to the museum car park where you can park free of charge

Start time: Start times vary in line with sunset times throughout the year, Please check on booking

GATES CLOSE ONCE THE TOUR STARTS SO PLEASE BE ON TIME! Please check-in at least 10 minutes before the start time. 

What to expect: A walking tour with true stories of ghostly phenomena told in the dark atmospheric Elizabethan castle. No one "jumps out", and it is not a "ghost hunt". We might experience the unexplained but this cannot be guaranteed. The tour includes special access for Dark Castle groups upstairs which are currently closed to the public due to reburbishment. However, the upstairs will be void of furniture and access confined to the areas relevant to the ghost stories.

Is the tour wheelchair accessible? We regret that, due to the nature of the route, it is not wheelchair accessible.

Toilets: Toilets are available once we reach the castle (about 25 minutes after the tour has started)

What should I wear?: Wear comfortable shoes and please dress to keep warm and dry. We are indoors for the castle part of the tour but there is an approximately 25 minute section at the start where we walk to the castle from the car park with story stops. Therefore, dress appropriately for the conditions. The route to the castle from the car park is outdoors and includes uphill sections and steps.

What should I bring?Please bring a torch (flashlight) or tell us if you need to borrow one.

What should I NOT bring?: No large backpacks/rucksacks allowed on the tour as these can knock or damage items in the castle. No food or drink (unless for medical reasons). 

Is it suitable for children?: Not suitable for very young children. Minimum age 10. 10-18 year olds must be accompanied by an appropriate number of adults (ie parent or legal guardian with a maximum of 3 young people per parent) 

What about youth groups?: (eg scouts/guides/community youth groups) Please call us first. We can offer private tours (possibly at a discount depending on the group size) for which the tone, choice and content of the stories is selected in discussion with group leaders. However, in the best interests of all we do not allow youth groups on public scheduled tours without prior arrangement/agreement.

Photography/recording?: no photographs while stories are being told please, and no audio/video recording at any time.

The tour includes steps and staircases so the tour is not, we regret, accessible for wheelchair users.

Getting there:

By Car: M4 motorway to junction 33. The Museum is signposted from junction 33 of the M4 motorway (follow road signs for the Museum of Welsh Life), with direct access from the Southbound A4232. You can also access the museum from the St Fagans village end (the road entrance adjacent to the river Ely at the foot of Castle Hill).

By bus: Public transport is very limited in the evenings and is Monday to Saturday ONLY. 

18:10 Westgate Street Bus Stop KN, Bus number 320. Arrival time 18:28. Please ask the driver to tell you when you arrive at St Fagans Church. Please walk towards the T-junction and turn right, down castle hill for approximately 100 metres. Please take care walking down this road as it is narrow and has a narrow sidewalk/pavement. At the foot of the hill the entrance drive way to the museum is on your right before you reach the level crossing. Follow the drive for approximately 200 metres until you arrive at the car park.

Please note that there is no return bus service to the city centre.