The Cardiff Castle Premium Ghost Tour

**We never sell through third parties. Tickets only valid if purchased directly from our website with a unique order number and date/time stamp allocated by us**

A 130 minute ghost tour through the towers and chambers of this stunning building.

Premium tour route: The PREMIUM tour takes us to parts of the building normally off limits to the public by day but open to us because of their link to the ghostly history of this famous building. The route includes the Clock Tower Summer Smoking Room (where the Marquess of Bute held his paranormal experiments), Guest Tower (Victorian Nursery), the rooms of the main house (including Banqueting Hall and Library). Please note that this tour entails a 101 step climb up the clock tower to its topmost room.

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For a sample of the stories you will hear click here !**


By day, Cardiff Castle is one of Wales’s most popular heritage attractions, its 2000 year history showcased by its glittering interiors, a legacy of its extraordinary Victorian renaissance by the mystical Third Marquess of Bute and his eccentric genius art-architect William Burges.

On the Cardiff Castle Premium Ghost Tour we explore the building and its history in a very different way:  through the true tales of its many ghostly phenomena, reported by residents, staff and visitors over generations.

The 8 acre walled site will be silent.  The house, the oldest parts of which date back to the early fifteenth century, will be dark. We make our way by torchlight through its rooms, staircases and passages to visit the spots where ghosts have been seen, heard and felt over the years: a troublesome poltergeist; a mysterious maiden; a mischievous playful spirit; a cloaked male figure; the spectral coach; and ghostly footsteps.  



Premium Tour £16.00* 

*Prices may be different for special events such as Halloween and/or midnight tours and the altered price will be clearly displayed before you book.



Please turn up at least 10 minutes before the start time shown on your booking confirmation. The castle grounds will be closed and locked while the ghost tour is underway thereforelatecomers cannot be admitted.

WHAT TO WEAR:  The tour is indoors. Temperatures inside can vary from chilly to very warm, so please wear layers which you can easily remove or add.

WHAT TO EXPECT: This is a special guided walking tour of Cardiff Castle with true accounts of the castle’s supernatural phenomena, told in the eerie atmosphere of the castle in darkness and exclusively to ourselves.  It is NOT a paranormal investigation or "ghost hunt". Nothing is staged and no one "jumps out". However, unexplained incidents have been known to occur on tours, as we stand or sit in the dark, with no artificial light, and just the sound of the stories being told, so who knows what the night will bring!

IMPORTANT: The Premium tour includes ascent of 101 steps to the Summer Smoking Room at the top of the Clock Tower where the Marquess of Bute experimented with the paranormal. The tour should only therefore be taken by those physically fit enough to make this climb. Those who do not wish to climb the tower can wait in the seating area near the tower entrance.

Start time: Times vary according to availability. Please check carefully when booking. Gates Close at the start time so please check in at least 10 minutes beforehand.

Tour duration: 130 minutes (Premium)

Check-in point: Cardiff Castle front gate, Castle Street, Cardiff, CF10 3RB. Please note that the gate will be closed until approximately 15 minutes before the start time when it will be opened for  check-in.

Cardiff Castle is at the heart of the city centre of Cardiff, 10 minutes walk from Cardiff Central Railway and Bus Stations. Click HERE for a location map.

Please bring a torch (flashlight)! If you need to borrow a torch please let us know.

Important conditions of entry:

  • Anyone appearing intoxicated will be refused entry. Under no circumstances can alcohol be brought on site 
  • anyone interfering with the enjoyment of others will be removed by the stewards and security staff
  • No large backpacks or rucksacks to be worn, shoulder bags may have to be carried by hand.
  • Minimum age: 13 years old 
  • Participants younger than 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. No more than 3 13-18 year olds per parent/guardian. 
  • the castle tour entails ascent and descent of steps and is not accessible for wheelchair users and is not recommended for those of limited mobility or cardio-vascular weakness
  • No flash photography inside the rooms 
  • No audio or video recording at any time
  • no smoking
  • No food or drink to be taken into the house.

Please read the terms and conditions by clicking here