Dealing with Ghosts

The Ghost Walks aim to intrigue, inform and entertain with accounts of the hauntings of these places, told in the dark, in their historic and atmospheric settings.

However, there is a more serious side to the issue of the paranormal. This page has been prepared with expert advice following a number of approaches to Cardiff History and Hauntings from people seeking help because they are frightened by what they believe is a ghost in their home. It offers practical advice about what to do if you believe that you are being haunted.

Do you think you have a ghost?

No two incidents are the same, but it is not uncommon for people from time to time to think that their house has a ghost, or that either they or a loved one are somehow being possessed by some kind of spirit. Such cases might be noticed gradually, building over a long period of time, or they can happen quite suddenly and unexpectedly. Such incidents might take a number of forms:

  • people might report “seeing” something or someone in their house, either glimpsed fleetingly or observed in detail for longer periods;
  • strange inexplicable smells which come and go;
  • a sudden temporary drop in temperature in certain places or rooms;
  • a “feeling” of being watched or of a “presence”;
  • inexplicable noises: knocks, taps, voices;objects moving by themselves, or doors opening and closing by themselves;
  • electrical items switching on and off by themselves;
  • in extreme cases people might think that they or a family member are being “possessed”. For example, they may undergo a personality change or speak with a different voice.

The impact can be unsettling and frightening, and all too quickly normal daily life, and sleep, can be completely disrupted, not least through fear of the unexplained and worry that whatever is happening may cause harm. This can be made worse if you are afraid people will call you silly or mad if you tell them what you are experiencing.

What is going on?

It is difficult to say. The important thing to remember is that in MANY cases, such incidents can be explained by perfectly natural phenomena, such as drafts; tiredness or illness; houses settling naturally through age or weather conditions; water pipes expanding and contracting. However, our imagination can take hold and start looking for things which we might otherwise not notice. All too quickly a vicious circle sets in and every little innocent event is seen as “proof” that it’s a ghost! Popular television programmes and movies about ghosts and “ghost hunting” might heighten fears by their dramatic portrayals and presentations of such incidents.

However, this might not explain all phenomena, and in such cases, expert help can bring relief, reassurance and support in dealing with whatever is the cause.

Where can I get help?

Without a shadow of doubt, the safest and most reliable person to turn to in the first instance is your local Parish Priest (Anglican, Catholic or Orthodox). It does not matter whether or not you go to church or whether or not you think you have a religious faith. They will respond sympathetically regardless of whether or not they know you.

You can easily find the contact details of your local priest by looking in your phone book or searching online. However, if you are having difficulty finding the best person to call then you can contact Cardiff History and Hauntings for help in finding out your local contact. To contact us click here.

What will happen?

To begin with, you can be assured that you will not experience someone arriving armed with a bell, bible and candle, as objects fly around the house. Such scenes are best left to Hollywood! Your priest will visit you as early as practicable to find out from you what you have been experiencing. They will make a careful note of what you tell them, and may ask to see any particular part of the house if they are significant to the incidents. After weighing everything up your priest will then make a decision over the best course of action. This might involve talking through and exploring with you possible causes, saying a prayer, or agreeing with you steps to take. This might involve referral to a member of the Church who specialises in deliverance and healing. The aim will be to restore peace and comfort and resolve the disturbance. You will not be asked to pay any money for this support.

Should I call in a medium?

There are many who call themselves mediums who are sincere and genuine in their belief that they can communicate with spirits. However, there is simply no means of verifying the authenticity of such individuals, their motives, or their effectiveness. Therefore, caution is strongly advised here. The Church has individuals who are trained to help and should be the first port of call.