Terms and conditions



Fees are set out clearly in advance for each walk, either on the web pages or (in the case of private walks) in correspondence with Cardiff History and Hauntings. It is the responsibility of customers to ensure that payment is made on booking (or in the case of private walks, as agreed with Cardiff History and Hauntings). 

Customers on public walks booking direct with Cardiff History and Hauntings and wishing to pay by cheque can only do so when the amount owed is greater than £50 and when the booking is made more than two weeks in advance of the walk. Bookings are cancelled when payment has not been received and cleared after one week of the booking being made. Any payment by cheque or postal order still in transit will be subsequently returned uncashed.  Bookings for private walks which have not been settled as agreed in advance of the walk will be deemed to have self-cancelled unless post event payment has been agreed. We reserve the right to levy an administration charge (minimum £10) where customers have to be chased for payment due to missing agreed deadlines. 

Weather Conditions
Tours will take place regardless of weather conditions, unless they present a risk to health and safety or, in the case of Llandaff, rain is heavy or prolonged enough to make the route unmanageable.  Should the weather situation suggest cancellation is necessary then CHH will contact those with bookings as soon as possible and a full refund or rescheduling will be offered. Rain or cold alone does not constitute a valid reason for cancelling a tour and should you wish to cancel then CHH regrets that a refund cannot be made. CHH cannot accept responsibility for wasted journeys to a walk which has been cancelled from ticket holders who have not provided appropriate or correct contact information as requested to do so on booking.

Cancellation / Refund Policy
Should you wish to cancel your tour CHH will refund payment (or, if you wish, reschedule your booking), providing reasonable notice is given in writing by email to sales@cardiffhistory.co.uk (please DO NOT use social media such as Facebook as there is no guarantee this will be read in time due to the volume of "chatter" which can appear on the page and which can bury requests to alter contracts)*. For individuals and small groups (ie 1-2 people) 24 hours notice is required (48 hours in the case of a private tour booking). For cancellations of 3-4 people 3 days' notice is needed; cancellations of 5-9 people, a minimum of 1 week's notice is needed; cancellations of 10 or more people require a minimum of 2 weeks' notice. Cancellation after these limits will receive only a partial or zero refund depending on the timing of notice and the size of the group. 

*This only applies where a booking is made directly with Cardiff History and Hauntings.  If booking through a third party please check their cancellation policy. 

CHH reserves the right to cancel the tour in case of illness of the tour leader or any other circumstances beyond our control.  In the case of a tour being cancelled every effort will be made to contact you in advance and a choice of full refund or rescheduling will be offered. 

NO ALCOHOL TO BE BROUGHT ON A WALK.  In addition CHH will refuse to take (or will remove from a tour) anyone on a tour who is, or appears to be, under the influence of excessive alcohol or any other intoxicating substance, or anyone whose behaviour is detrimental to the enjoyment of other tour participants, or a risk to their own or others' safety. Where individuals belong to a group, the whole group will be excluded without refund. This rule is in place following past experiences, and is in the best interests of all concerned.

Ghost Walks. The Ghost Walks are not "ghost hunts" or paranormal investigations. This is set out very clearly on each information/booking page for the events. They are historic guided tours with a special atmosphere of being held at night in the dark, with faithfully gathered accounts of people's experiences of the paranormal at the location. While inexplicable incidents are sometimes reported and experienced by some or all members of the group, this is not the primary objective of the experience, nor do we at anytime encourage behaviour akin to a paranormal investigation. Anyone caught trying to use equipment associated with paranormal investigations will be removed from the walk and may have any equipment confiscated and handed over to the venue. We do this in order to ensure these experiences are distinct from "ghost hunts". 

Age limits. With the exception of "Junior" ghost walks, the minimum age of participants on ghost walks must be 13 years old. 13-18 year olds must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. The minimum age for Dark Tours is 10 years old. Unaccompanied teenagers will not be allowed to join a walk.

Disruptive behaviour 
The aim of these events is atmospheric storytelling. In the case of the ghost walks, anyone trying to use the occasion to attempt paranormal investigation (including through the use of phone apps, or other recording equipment) will be immediately removed and risks having their equipment (including their mobile phone) confiscated. This is in the best interests of all participants, as well as being in order to respect the integrity of the occasion and the venue. 

CastleChanges to your walk
Sometimes circumstances beyond CHH's control dictate a last minute change to part of the route.  Should this occur, an alternative route of equal quality and value will be adopted where possible. The aim of CHH is that you leave having had a wonderful experience and wanting more.

Come prepared
Please ensure you are dressed appropriately.  For the Cardiff city centre and Castell Coch walks that means comfortable walking shoes, and clothing appropriate to the time of year and weather. For the Llandaff ghost walk, part of the route involves footpaths and uneven surfaces.  Parts of the route may at times be muddy, or overgrown.  Therefore good outdoor walking shoes / wellies and outdoor clothing are strongly advised.  The Margam Ghost Walk covers exposed routes and can be cold so warm clothing/overcoats are recommended.  The Cardiff Castle Ghost Tour is indoors except for transit between buildings so comfortable flat soled shoes/trainers/sneakers are recommended. The St Fagans Museum Ghost Walk is mostly on hard tarmac surfaces when outdoors. However, some very small sections of the route may be unavoidably wet or muddy. The St Fagans Castle Ghost Tour requires comfortable preferably flat soled shoes/trainers/sneakers. St Fagans Castle Ghost tours vary between being entirely indoors or being both indoors and outdoors. This will be indicated on the booking page. The Caerphilly Castle Night Tour is mostly indoors but includes transit outdoors between parts of the building. Therefore, please dress to be warm and dry. Also flat soled shoes or trainers are essential for the Caerphilly Castle Night Tour as the route includes ascent and descent of spiral staircases with narrow and uneven steps.



For the night time and ghost walks, if you have a torch, please bring one, if you do not have a torch, please let us know when you book!

No matter how much you will be looked after on your visit, ultimately you are responsible for your own personal safety at all times. CHH also asks that you remain vigilant at all times and keep your personal possessions safe. CHH can accept no responsibility for any loss of possessions or for any injury caused by your not taking care when crossing roads or not watching out for obstructions.

The city centre history tours are flat and accessible for wheelchair users.

The rooms at Castell Coch are not wheelchair accessible although the exterior and courtyard are accessible, from which the building can be viewed and you can enjoy hearing the story of the Bute family’s fantasy about this place. Interactive displays illustrate the interiors.  However, it means that the Castell Coch Tour is not wheelchair accessible because every room requires the ascent of steps to gain entry.

It is regretted that the Llandaff Ghost Walk has uneven surfaces, slopes and unpredictable (ie weather dependent) surfaces and is not wheelchair/pushchair/triwalker accessible.

The Margam Ghost Walk is mostly on hard tarmac and solid surfaces, but does involve ascent of the drive and steps both outside and inside the castle.  The route is not wheel chair accessible.

The Cardiff Castle Ghost tour involves ascent and descent of stairs inside the castle.  The route is safe but not wheelchair accessible and is not recommended for those with a physical impairment (eg using crutches, or unsteady).  The steps to the Black Tower and Norman Keep are steep but solid and require care to be taken at all times.

The St Fagans Museum Ghost Walk follows the established tarmacked footpaths. However, the historic nature of the buildings and the confined spaces inside them means that there is a limit on the number of wheelchair users who can participate on any one tour. Please contact us beforehand if you are, or a accompanying, a wheelchair user.

The St Fagans Castle Ghost Tour involves steps and two staircases and is therefore not wheelchair accessible. 

The Caerphilly Castle Night Tour involves steps and spiral staircases which are narrow and uneven and therefore is not wheelchair accessible, and not suitable for those with limited mobility.

Toilet Facilities (Llandaff Ghost Walk)
Toilet facilities are very limited on the Llandaff Ghost Walk.  There are pubs that you can go in to but it is up to the pubs whether they wish to allow you to use their toilets. Please ensure that all necessary toilet stops have been made BEFORE you arrive for the walk as we will not be able to stop for a toilet break once the walk has started.

Toilet Facilities (Margam Ghost Walk) 
Toilet facilities are at the rear of the castle and there is an opportunity after one hour for a break should participants wish to use the facilities.  

Toilet Facilities (Cardiff Castle) 
Toilet facilities are available adjacent to the Black Tower (gents) and at the foot of the Clock Tower (ladies). Toilet facilities will not be available inside the main house during ghost tours.

Toilet Facilities (St Fagans Museum) 
There is an opportunity to use the facilities at the meeting point and half way through the tour.

Toilet Facilities (Caerphilly Castle) 
There is an opportunity to use the facilities at the meeting point.

Privacy statement

The online booking system involves the collection of essential contact information: name, address, e-mail, phone number.  This is so that we can contact you in an emergency (eg a walk cancelled at short notice) or in case there is a problem with payment.  You also have the option to receive occasional e-mails from Cardiff History and Hauntings about new walks, tours and events. Your data is held on our secure database and is not shared under any circumstances with any other party without your express permission.  Your details can be deleted on written request, after you have undertaken the walk or tour for which you have booked. To request removal of your details please click here and in the message box enter “delete details”  

The bottom line: It is the aim of Cardiff History and Hauntings that you fall in love with Cardiff and Wales and want to tell the world about your time here.  Let’s just get the formalities out of the way first!