Enquiry Response

When an enquiry arrives via the "contact us" section on the website, every effort is made to answer as soon as possible, or at least within 48 hours. However, there have been several occasions recently when  a website enquiry has been received but the sender has entered their return e-mail address incorrectly. This makes it impossible to successfully send a response.

Please ensure that when making an enquiry or opening an account, that you have entered a correct and valid e-mail address.

Adding a contact telephone number to your message will also help ensure a timely response.

Junk/Spam filters: If you have not received a response either to a booking (within 5 minutes) or an enquiry (within 48 hours) please check the junk/spam filter on your e-mail account.  Certain free online mail accounts (eg hotmail) routinely direct new incoming mail to the junk folder and we have no control over this.