Customers' Comments

Spring / Summer 2011:

Llandaff Ghost Walk

We all had a wonderful time last week, everyone thoroughly enjoyed both the meal and your ghost walk, so thank you very much.

Mary, Michaelston y Fedw

As the night drew in around us the stories become even more enchanting and you certainly find yourself looking over your shoulder as you walk on!

David and Maria, Reading

There were no gimmicks with this experience and the surroundings are very atmospheric (middle of an old graveyard in the pitch black of night with the owls hooting) 

A Tripadvisor reviewer

The atmosphere with "torches out" was great and added to the eerie atmosphere lit only by the light of the moon. 

Sam, Cardiff

…by far the most enjoyable Ghost walk I have ever been on.

Peter, London

Be prepared to be spooked and to see the area in a very different light but you will be thoroughly entertained

A Tripadvisor reviewer

As somebody who grew up in the area I have heard tales of the ghosts and strange occurrences, but this tour has been a true eye opener.

Gareth, Barry

… a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Amanda, Luton


Cardiff’s Forgotten Past 

A really interesting 90 minutes. The tour and talk was delivered in an informative but also humorous fashion. I'm looking forward to booking another in the series!

Pam, Cardiff

We have visited 20 countries now in the last 12 months and did a walking tour in every country….THIS WAS BY FAR THE BEST ONE!

Eliza, South Africa

The guide is obviously very knowledgeable and passionate about Cardiff's history, happy to answer questions, and knows how to impart facts and figures painlessly! We would definitely recommend this tour to all visitors to Cardiff.

A Tripadvisor reviewer

We have known Cardiff for many years and lived here for two. However, this tour has given us a whole new perspective on our city. We would thoroughly recommend it to everyone.

Jim is a most entertaining guide and we have remembered a great deal of what he told us. That is not always the case with guided tours!!

A Tripadvisor reviewer

I didn't really know what to expect, and to be honest, the thought of being shown around my home town and told about its history seemed, well, a bit weird to me. But in the first 10 minutes of the tour, as Jim took us back in time.......i was hooked.

Gareth, Cardiff

Jim provided a portal into that past and brought it to life through tales of some remarkable citizens of Cardiff. The walk was well paced and lasted just long enough to leave us wanting more (and I hope there will be more!)

Julia, Leeds

Cardiff Civic Centre Walk

 I was particularly impressed with your informal and entertaining approach to the detail you gave the group.

Geoff, Cardiff

 Amazing tour - worth the trip to Cardiff in and of itself. In July 2011 I went on two tours led by Jim and learned a great deal about the history and culture of the city.  Don't normally leave these reviews, but really enjoyed these guided walks so much, I thought I'd write up this one. Great experience - a wonderful day trip from London.

Joseph, Philadelphia, PA, USA

 A group of us Cardiffians spent a very informative time with Jim our guide who regaled us with information and tales of the history of the beautiful civic centre and gardens of Cardiff. This would be a great way for visitors to learn about these aspects of the city. The tour is not too long and at the end you are keen to find out more. Great value for money and thoroughly recommend it.

Gillian, Cardiff

Excellent Civic Centre tour

Ben, Cardiff

The students really enjoyed your explanations and they learned a lot from you, thank you very much.

Alicia, Valverde, Spain 

Castell Coch Tour

Great Visit. Enthusiasm, people skills and buckets of knowledge.  Great enjoyment.

Ian, Ros and family, Dinas Powis

Everyone thoroughly loved the tour! I personally thought you did a fantastic job and you are wonderful at putting people at their ease and moving a lot of people around in sometimes tight spots.

Pam, Penarth

Thanks so much for our tour today, we enjoyed it enormously and learned such a lot.  We’ll come again!

Kate, Cardiff