Investing in Cardiff's Heritage

The City Parish Church of St John the Baptist has existed since the 12th century and has been more at the heart of the "Cardiff Story" than any other building save Cardiff Castle itself.  As well as being a thriving, functioning church, it is a monument to Cardiff's past in more ways than many people realise.  Revealing its secrets is one of the highlights of the Cardiff's Forgotten Past walk, which walks people around what was the "well compacted" medieval walled town of this most modern of Capital Cities.
Inside this church, for one part of the walk, participants are entertained with stories of three Tudor characters commemorated within: a Martyr; a Statesman; and (surprisingly!) a rogue of the first order, as well as hearing some surprising facts about Cardiff's links to the Tudor dynasty and even to Shakespeare himself!  Other odd facts and mysteries are also revealed about the record-holding building's layout and design.
Sadly, however, as a city centre church, St John's has suffered more than its fair share of mindless vandalism.  Following the much publicised destruction of an eighteenth century window on a Saturday night in 2010, Cardiff History and Hauntings agreed with the Church that, in return for the welcome which has been offered by the church to walk participants, £1 out of every ticket sold for this walk goes back to the Church to help it maintain this precious building.
To date, "Cardiff's Forgotten Past" is the first and only guided walk in Cardiff entering the church which makes such a direct linked and ongoing contribution.
It follows the financial contributions made since 2010 by Cardiff History and Hauntings to the Llandaff Cathedral Organ Fund.
Cardiff History and Hauntings was set up to celebrate and treasure a history and heritage that is as rich and exciting as it is undiscovered.  These contributions are an act of gratitude to and support for the co-operation and welcome received from the historic establishments concerned.