Cardiff History and Hauntings Gift Certificates

Stuck for an idea for Christmas?  How about a personalised gift certificate from Cardiff History and Hauntings?


Certificates valid for use until end December 2017

It is very simple!  Essentially you purchase a place or places on a tour on someone else’s behalf.  This can be either for a specific named walk, or specific walk on any date (within a set period) or an “open” certificate to a specified monetary value, which the recipient can then use against any of the walks offered by Cardiff History and Hauntings.

The recipient gets a beautifully presented personalised certificate setting out their entitlement, as well as guidance on how to use it.  They then look through the forthcoming dates of the scheduled walks and make their choice.  Alternatively they can put their certificate towards securing a private walk.  Once they have decided they contact Cardiff History and Hauntings to secure their place on the walk.

To purchase a Gift Certificate:

  1. Look through the selection of walks offered by Cardiff History and Hauntings and decide whether you wish to purchase a specific walk on a specific date, or leave the certificate open (ie a specific walk but on a date for the recipient to choose later).  You can also buy a certificate to a specific value, and let the recipient choose which walk they want it to purchase.

  2. Contact Cardiff History and Hauntings: by e-mail:

  3. Please answer the following in your email:
    1. how many places you want to purchase or the value you wish to purchase
    2. who it is for
    3. who it is from
    4. the walk you want to purchase (whether you want a specific walk on a specific date; a specific walk but with the date left open; or an open certificate to a certain monetary value for use against any of the walks)
    5. your postal address (the certificate will be sent to you in an unsealed presentation envelope for you to pass on or give to the recipient).

  4. You will receive a mock up of the certificate by e-mail for you to check the wording and spelling before the final version is printed on high quality brushed silver effect paper and posted to you first class.

  5. The price will be confirmed.  This will be:

    1. the value of the walks and places you are purchasing (or the value you have stated you wish to pay).
    2. a £5 charge which covers administration, stationery and postage.

  6. Please note that payment is due on purchase of the Gift Certificate by cheque/Postal Order (for amounts over £40 only), Paypal, direct transfer.  Certificates are not despatched until payment has been made.  

To purchase a Gift Certificate please click here and set out your answers to the questions listed above. Any questions then please call us on 07538 878609.