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Wales Online"THE witch of the mist, Celtic omens of death and a serpent in the River Taff are a few of the ghostly tales awaiting those who brave a new Cardiff ghost walk.

The tour is set to give visitors and residents the creeps as they venture by torchlight through the quiet pathways in the shadow of Llandaff Cathedral, where eight ghosts are said to have been seen, heard or felt.

The walk is one of a series of guided tours being offered by Cardiff’s History and Hauntings."

Wales Online

Capture Cardiff"AS DARKNESS fell, mist crept through Llandaff cemetery and a shiver ran through the spines of the gathered crowd. Chilled breath hovered over the stone graves as Jim Cowan began his tale. By day, Llandaff is a delightful village, just outside of Cardiff city centre. By night, however, the moon rises high, the streets are silent and it is the setting of the Llandaff Ghost Walk.

Brave souls are invited to join a group walk through the grounds of Llandaff Cathedral pausing every now and again to listen to tales of the ghosts, witches and mysterious creatures said to roam the muddy paths around the building."

Capture Cardiff

Wales Online"Whilst the history of Cardiff Castle and other such notable landmarks across the city is known by people far and wide, there are many remarkable treasures that have remained out of sight and out of mind until now. A new history tour starting in the Welsh Capital has begun to unearth snippets of the city’s forgotten past.

Jim Cowan is a local historian who leads a tour of the Hayes and the Civic Centre and has an extensive knowledge of the local area.

Mr Cowan was eager to express his desire to expand people’s knowledge of the heart of the city."

Wales Online

Wales Online"DID you know there was once a royal tennis court in the Hayes, a port in Westgate Street and an enormous tea party was held in Cathays Park before City Hall was built?

Few of us know the full extent of Cardiff’s history, hidden from view along the familiar city centre streets.

But in two guided tours this month, a local historian will uncover some of the capital’s best-kept secrets."


Wales Online

Wales Online"A local historian will continue to uncover the secrets of Cardiff as his city walking tours will become a regular fixture.

Jim Cowan’s tours of The Hayes and the Civic Centre were so popular participants began sharing their own stories and memories about the city.

Mr Cowan, who also conducts the Llandaff Ghost Walk, had only anticipated to do the city tours for one weekend earlier this month, but when places were rapidly booked out, he decided to make them permanent."

Wales Online

Visit Cardiff"Have you ever wanted to walk back in time or search out spooky goings on? New guided walks recently launched in Cardiff will be just the thing for you - unless of course, you run scared!

Jim Cowan, of Cardiff History & Hauntings has added two new walks alongside his existing tours after an initial trial proved a huge success. The new walks which reveal some of the city’s best kept secrets, join the already popular Llandaff Ghost Walks that explore the mysteries of Llandaff Cathedral and the ghostly goings on of the surrounding village."

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The Cardiffian"Llandaff may appear to be a sleepy little suburb of Cardiff, but its history is not quite so sedate. Last week I went on a ghost walk, run by Cardiff History to find out a little bit more about its turbulent past.

The ancient hamlet, which was in existence half a millennia before the rest of Cardiff, has had its fair share of murder, suicide and mystery disappearances.

Jim Cowan, Cardiff history expert, tells the darker story of Llandaff in his two-hour ghost walk around the fields and paths behind the cathedral."

The Cardiffian