History and Ghost Walks in Cardiff and Wales



8.30pm tours at St Fagans Museum 29th and 30th October

9.30pm Cardiff Castle Ghost Tour 28th October


Next Cardiff Castle Ghost Tour

Fri 9th Oct 10.15pm check-in (10+ places left)

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Next Llandaff Ghost Walk

Thu 8th Oct (7.45pm check in) (10+ places left)

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St Fagans Museum Ghost Walk:

Fri 16th Oct (7.15pm check-in) (5 places left)

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St Fagans Castle Ghost Tour 

Fri 9th Oct (7pm check in) (10+ places left)

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Margam Ghost Walk: 

Next Margam Ghost Walk:

Saturday 14th November various times including a MIDNIGHT ghost tour!

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The St Fagans Museum Ghost Walk: follow the wooded country lanes into the historic haunted buildingsRead more